विनिर्माण, ईपीसी ठेकेदारों


  1.  Are you trying to increase the capacity rate of your process? In less time, with less risk, less hassle and worries?
  2. Are you working with experts from different contractors for maintenance, and do you need simple solutions to efficiently organize teams and tasks?

Now with STR8LINE, you can share knowledge and getting information. It’s easy thanks to the STR8LINE business applications platform. From the big picture to one simple task.

How would your life be once your team is equipped with easy-to-use mobile applications, so they can easily report operational events, update status, and know what is expected from them? All enabled with easy-to-use checklists, to do’s, sign-offs, access to documentations, planning and what have you.

Enjoy these benefits:

  • Assess equipment availability to minimize downtime.
  • Collect data from machines and environmental sensors. Consolidate fragmented sources of information into robust databases.
  • Implement Artificial Intelligence to improve operational performance.