We support you to improve the quality of Healthcare.

Healthcare. The STR8LINE™ Healthcare configuration unlocks a tremendous potential of managing your operations where you and all people involved getting actionable insights out of the huge amounts of tasks triggered by workflows or alarms.

The Platform helps unlock the power of data across health systems and institutions. We provide apps for any type of end-user, technical or not, with the ability to embed insights directly into the end-users’ workflow (see how STR8LINE™ can help).

Together with you and your teams, we create innovations that are important to your patients and their families. We do this by making your work easier with smart apps and portals. Tasks, schedules, forms and checklist to name a few examples.

We see automation primarily as a means of obtaining information and sharing knowledge. Through a pragmatic approach that is possible with smart integration of systems for devices and people, we can really help deliver the best care and increase operational efficiency.

Our Healthcare Support Services team offers a hands-on approach by working with your teams to unlock the tremendous potential that working with STR8LINE™ offers.

By mapping your ecosystem of people and systems, we can quickly create new models for a smart care approach.

Unlocking data on a real-time basis is the foundation for us in transforming the patient experience in line with strategic objectives.