Accelerate your time to value with STR8LINE training

Today’s management recognize the profound need to innovate in order to drive fundamental value. We offer straightforward training offerings across IT, HR, Customer Service, and other departments that cover the tools and ideas that create value for your business.

Business support services

Frequent contact and support is very important for implementation, training staff and adjusting the system settings and procedures aligned with the ever changing business scope and organisation. Therefore we only provide dedicated business support facilities based on subscription.

Name Frequency Price Normal Discount*
Bronze 1/Month 1,000 Euro 1,000 0.0%
Silver 2/Month 1,750 Euro 2,000 12.5%
Gold 1/Week 3,250 Euro 4,000 18.8%
Platinum 2/Week 6,000 Euro 8,000 25.0%